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Themed Design

Buc-ee's Tour of Texas.jpg

Buc-ee's Tour of Texas
A Texas-Themed Dark Ride

For my MFA in Themed Entertainment Design Thesis project at SCAD I created a Dark Ride attraction inspired by Buc-ee's: the gas station.

The ride was designed in Sketchup, some models were created by myself and most were from the Sketchup asset library. I designed the characters in photoshop and added new elements to the environment renders in photoshop as well.


All Is Fair In Love & Time Travel

As part of an educational project at SCAD, and my teammates (Krista Jarrell, Jan Martinez, & Ryan Lynch) designed a one-of-a-kind trackless dark ride. My role in the project was to design the ride vehicles as well as designing the queue. The ride vehicle is the creation of Dr.Wells and Dr.Shelley and is their time-travel machine. Throughout the queue, you are following their descent into mad scientists, from the university where they met to their very own science lab. 


I designed the ride vehicle based on the general shape of a trackless vehicle from Oceaneering and painted it in Photoshop, and I designed the queue in Sketchup.


UGA Marine Education Center & Aquarium

As part of an educational project at SCAD, my partner, Michele Mandula, and I worked with the education director and graduate student in charge of signage to create a more cohesive brand identity for the space. My main responsibilities were the interior as well as the welcome mural.


The interior environment was built in Sketchup based off of the current aquarium space and was given a refresh. The graphic elements were created in Illustrator and the mural was created in Photoshop.


Tower 28 Store

As part of an educational project at SCAD, I designed a retail location for the brand Tower 28. Based on a preexisting building, I worked within the framework of the existing space and altered it to fit the needs of a beauty product retailer. 


I designed the model in SketchUp from a floorplan I was given. All furniture was either modeled or provided from the Sketchup asset library.

Make-A-Monster Labs

As part of an educational project at SCAD, I created a spooky/mad-scientist themed Build-A-Bear.

Make-A-Monster Labs is the spooky cousin of Build-A-Bear. Here kids are able to fulfill their spooky dreams of making their own frankenstein from choosing which monster to taking it home this is an experience that encourages creation and the existence of spooky experiences year-round.


The environment was built in Sketchup and all prop models were made in MAYA and were textured in Substance 3D Painter. Final Photobashes were created in photoshop with pre-existing Build-A-Bear animals and clothes.  

(All models are my own except the chairs and computers which were downloaded from the 3D library)


Small-Clawed Treats

Inspired by one of my favorite animals, the Asian Small-Clawed Otter, I created a food kiosk as an assignment in themed component design. This kiosk not only serves up delicious treats inspired by the otter’s diet, it also has its own personal mascot: Yachter the Otter. I decided to use this kiosk as a tribute to the otters as well as a way to educate guests about the animal. The side of this kiosk features a game intended to teach guests about the otters with the help of Yachter.


This project included branding and color design as well as an exercise in flow and circulation diagraming. Concept art was painted in photoshop. 


A Brave Journey

This immersive queue will be packed with details from the movie Brave. The queue is set up by first walking through Merida's journey and ending in the kitchen to set up your journey as you take a bite out of fate, turn into a bear, and follow the 3 princes on their adventures as bear cubs.

As part of an educational project at SCAD, I created a themed queue based off the PIXAR movie "Brave.”


I created a layout for the queue using AutoCAD which included overflow, shaded, and conditioned stand-by space and a fast-pass line. I then created a 3D model of the space in SketchUp and brought the model into MAYA to texture the space. Finally, to create visualizations of each scene guests pass through in the queue, I utilized a combination of 3D rendering of the space and Photoshop skills to place props and people in the space. 


The Haunted Harp

This is a haunted kiosk specializing in musical wares with a connection to the beyond.

Painted in Photoshop

The Moschino Runway Experience

This is a Runway Pop-up Experience displaying pieces from several recent Moschino collections. There will be 4 rooms themed around the collections the pieces belong to and a large room with the main attraction being a white Moschino bag. This bag will work with an app allowing you to chose what design is projected onto the larger than life bag.


Rooms were created in Photoshop and the app was created using InDesign.

Schitt's Creek Model

Modeled after the hit TV series Schitt's Creek by Dan Levy.

This model includes the Café Tropical, Rose Apothecary, and Town Hall on a 24in x 24in sheet of 1/4 inch foam board. Every detail on the models were hand carved. The walls of the buildings are foam board. The details for the storefronts, doors, and windows were created with balsa wood. Signage details were printed on vinyl stickers.


Rosebud Motel Model

Modeled after the Rosebud Motel from the hit TV series Schitt's Creek by Dan Levy.

This is a 3/16 scale model of the town and the Motel on a 24in x 24in sheet of 1/4 inch foam board. The Rosebud Motel sign was 3D printed from a Solidworks file and the doors and windows were laser cut from an Illustrator file. The roof was created with bristol board and the panels were made with handcut and spray-painted polystyrene strips. The most difficult part was cutting and painting each individual brick on the bottom half of the model.


Quicksilver's Speed Class

As part of an educational project at SCAD, I created a themed queue based off the X-Men Universe


I created a layout for the queue using Illustrator which included an exterior queue, interior queue, preshow and a fast-pass line. I then designed a ride vehicle based off the Gerstlaur Train Coaster. Lastly I painted these concepts in Photoshop as a rendered storyboard, this includes a scene from the ride where you zoom into Magneto's lair and he using his powers to forces your train car backward.

The Zodiac Zone

“The Zodiac Zone” is a component of a re-imagining of an existing museum exhibit. Challenged to be interactive, I designed this exhibit to let guests explore our solar system on a personal level. The concept is guests will enter a desired date and be able to explore the night sky on that night. Participants will in turn be able to see their zodiac sign as well as some facts about that constellation.


I designed the 3D dome in MAYA and used After Effects to create the video and overlay it on the dome.

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